“If we all hold our hands and fall backwards, none of us would fall” – precisely with this principle, Cazi Baie would like to look into the future with his 16-member “ensemble” in a musical way.

The Vietnamese singer and songwriter Cazi Baie, together with the creations of his team, would like to inspire people for a hitherto rare connection between Soul & Electro. The listener should feel the beats with the music in their ears, singing or humming, and thus identify with the feeling. Through the soulful and varied music, the fans can relive both happy and sad or thoughtful moments. For Cazi memories are like „pieces of the puzzle” called life, from which unique artworks emerge and the singer calls for „remembering those”. Side by side, the free spirits from a wide range of areas want to show that what (at first) seems impossible can be made possible. The “ensemble” from kiel wants to re-focus themes such as humanity and affiliation in order to give hope for the future. The diverse crew, made up of individual artists, has the dream to entrain their fans and to be noticed because of their unmistakable sound. Cazi wants to give back to the world what was given to him him – “Passion is all n ‘ All we got is passion.”